Areas: International finance, risk analysis, international sales & market analysis

Imagine what a John F. Kennedy School alumnus can bring to the development of intelligent textiles…
Serves as expert in negotiations, risk analysis, and assessing business opportunities for the textile
motherboard technology. Has experience in business creation, currently running ecommerce
initiatives. Additionally works as finance expert in PEMEX - the Mexican state-owned petroleum


Areas: IP, patents, electronics, engineering & intelligent textiles

Textile motherboard IP expert; spends two thirds (sometimes 3/3) of the day reading, reviewing, and
writing IP-related documents. Worked as subdirector at the patent office in Mexico for more than a
decade. In his spare time he owns a tech-related business, just in case someone was wondering
about hobbies.


Areas: Intelligent textiles, textile design, industrial design & -believe or not- packaging

Multifaceted lad that works 3 shifts a day, sometimes 4. Ever wondered how to implement a textile
motherboard (TMB) into a random product? Ask Nacho, MoTeBo’s leading designer. Experienced in
textile, graphical, industrial, and “you-name-it” design; has built 20-so iTextiles incorporating the TMB.
Just in case you ever asked yourself -who designs the packaging for the berries I buy in the
supermarket?- Well, that’s easy: Nacho.


Areas: Management, market analysis, product line development, financial analysis, start-up
operations & international sales

Interested in making business with an intelligent product using the textile motherboard (TMB)
technology? This is MoTeBo’s expert. Has experience in building financial offers for Joint Ventures,
Licensing, R&D contracts, Strategic Alliances, and End-consumer product developments. Simply put:
business expert for the TMB technology. As a side note: he always finds time to manage (other)
international and national businesses


Areas: IP, patents, business opportunities, science & intelligent textiles

IP guru for the textile motherboard (TMB) technology. Works 24/7 in IP-related undertakings, including
developing IP business models. Has spent several weeks developing business opportunities in Silicon
Valley and elsewhere for the TMB. Try finding him every week at the same time in his IP firm; highly
unlikely when you head a business with more than 50 persons pushing forward IP-related initiatives.


Areas: Intelligent textiles, optoelectronics, infrared physics & biophotonics

MoTeBo founder and textile motherboard (TMB) inventor; created 20-so TMB-based
iTextiles in the past two years. Spent time figuring how to look inside human arteries “non-invasively”
and came up with two tomography techniques and catheters, patented at MGH / Harvard Medical
School. Collaborates with the #Little Devices Lab @MIT. Loves randomly speaking in (cursory) Russian
to fellows

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